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A strategic alliance between Loudoun Soccer, Virginia Valor,

and Great Falls-Reston Soccer Clubs

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About NVA


Dear Valor Soccer Families, 

Today I have the great pleasure of announcing a strategic alliance between Virginia Valor, Loudoun Soccer and Great Falls-Reston soccer clubs, which will be known as the Northern Virginia Alliance (NVA).


The goal of the Alliance is to offer the highest-quality ECNL programming in Northern Virginia, combining the strengths of these three clubs to bring the area’s best coaching, training and player resources to the Alliance ECNL National teams. NVA ECNL teams will sit at the top of each club’s player pathway pyramid. 


Building on Loudoun’s ECNL National League successes, NVA provides our Valor players with a clear pathway to compete at the highest level in the country. 


To help answer some of the questions you may have, we have prepared a brief list of Frequently Asked Questions. I would also encourage you to read the press release announcing the Alliance, as well as to attend our Town Hall meeting. This will be held on Zoom and the link is below. All Valor families are encouraged to attend the Town Hall to learn more, and to pose any additional questions they may have about the Alliance. In additional Valor will be meeting with our coaches this evening to give them a full understanding of the opportunities the Alliance provides. 

Until the new/full website is complete please see the NVA mini-site for now for updates!

Subject: NVA Town Hall

When: Monday, February 6, 2023 8:00 PM-9:30 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). 


Registration for Talent ID sessions will open soon and all Valor players will be notified via TeamSnap when it is available. 


I look forward to a future filled with success for the Northern Virginia Alliance as well as the continued success of Virginia Valor. 


Paul Ellis

Technical Director

Virginia Valor FC 

Terms of Alliance



To lead and inspire the next generation of elite soccer players, coaches and families, and provide an experience that can only be had by playing at NVA and its partner clubs who share a vision for all players in the region.


To produce nationally-successful players, coaches and teams by developing and attracting top talent over a broad geographic footprint, spanning from Fairfax County across Loudoun to West Virginia.


To expand our reach nationally by establishing the most elite youth soccer alliance in the northern Virginia region, and to be the destination club for the most talented and dedicated players.

NVA Advatages



  • Access to elite coaching and playing platforms, including ECNL events

  • Improved coaching quality

  • Greater exposure to top college coaches and showcase events 

  • Better player guidance to the college pathway

  • Enhanced support resources, including mental health, sports performance training, and specific functional training days


  • Enlarged geographic footprint

  • Increased competitive standing amid consolidation market-wide

  • Improved access to additional quality facilities across the region

  • Enhanced collaboration 

  • between member Clubs

  • Greater focus on coaching development


  • Increased focus on community responsibility among players and teams

  • Improved access to player pathways in underserved communities

  • Greater commitment to community benefits through service, including

    • VolunteerismFundraisers, Coaching Rec Programs/TOPSoccer ProgramsBrother/Sister Teams

    • GK Union – Senior and younger keepers



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  • What is the Northern Virginia Alliance?
    A strategic alliance between Loudoun Soccer, Virginia Valor and Great Falls-Reston Soccer to establish the preeminent ECNL National program in Northern Virginia.
  • Who is Virginia Valor FC?
    Virginia Valor is a highly respected elite youth soccer organization centered in southern Loudoun and western Fairfax counties. Valor is the result of a merger between SYA’s and CYA’s travel soccer programs in 2021. Currently they are playing the ECNL Regional League, and teams compete in the best tournaments across the country. Additionally, Valor brings a strong coaching staff and leadership team to the Alliance.
  • Who is Great Falls-Reston Soccer Club?
    Great Falls-Reston Soccer Club is an old and well-established youth soccer club serving communities in northern Fairfax County. GFR brings a first-rate coaching staff and deeply-held community ties to the Alliance.
  • Who is Loudoun Soccer?
    Loudoun Soccer is one of the largest youth soccer clubs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with over 8,500 players rostered annually in Rec, Travel, ECNL and Adult soccer leagues. The club enjoys deep and established technical and operational resources, and owns a turf soccer facility in Leesburg, Virginia.
  • How does the Alliance benefit the elite player experience?
    Increasing player and team exposure on a national level is the chief objective, as the enlarged territory and player pool will provide better opportunities for Alliance ECNL teams to compete and gain recognition nationally. The arrangement also allows our clubs to share technical and operational resources to provide the best possible training and development opportunities for our elite players. Additionally, the Alliance will increase opportunities to launch creative programming options at scale to help enhance every players’ experience and enrich the level of coaching.
  • How will this affect my ECNL-RL, EDP, NCSL or Rec player?
    All teams and players competing below the ECNL-NL level will remain within their respective clubs. Players in these groups will continue to be placed on teams as before. Pre-ECNL (U11/U12) teams will also remain within their respective clubs, with cross-training opportunities available with Alliance teams as they transition to the ECNL program.
  • What impact will the Alliance have on the 2023 Spring season?
    The balance of the 2022/23 seasonal year will continue and conclude as it began. Any changes in process will occur beginning with the ECNL ID process.
  • When will the new coaching slate be announced?
    Coaching slate coming soon!
  • How do we register for Alliance ECNL ID sessions?
    Registration will take place via Loudoun Soccer’s SportsConnect registration system. Families new to Loudoun Soccer will need to create an account to register; current Loudoun Soccer families will register using their existing Loudoun Soccer account.
  • When and where will ECNL ID sessions be held?
    ECNL ID registration will be posted February 1. Session information will be communicated to invited players on a rolling basis.
  • Do you have to be a current Loudoun, Great Falls-Reston or Valor player to be eligible to try out?
    Players from any club are eligible to try out at Alliance ECNL ID sessions.
  • Is my ECNL player guaranteed a spot on an Alliance team?
    As the Alliance is being formed at the beginning of a seasonal cycle, players will be selected by the process typical in most seasons. Teams will be formed based on overall performance of all the players trying out, with players placed on the team where they have the best chance to develop and find success.
  • How much will Club fees be?
    Club fees have not yet been established, but will be posted ahead of the first ECNL ID date.
  • Will we continue to offer financial assistance?
    Yes, the financial assistance process will continue as it exists today, which includes an annual application and review process.
  • Will my practice location change?
    In combining field and facilities allocation, Alliance players may find themselves playing on fields outside their home club territory. Loudoun fields tend to be located in central Loudoun, Valor fields tend to be centered in southern Loudoun and western Fairfax, while Great Falls-Reston fields are generally located in northern Fairfax.
  • Will we have to buy new uniforms?
    As the clubs are entering a new uniform cycle in 2023, all players regardless of program will need to purchase new uniform kits. Uniform information will be available later in the year.
  • Can my player keep their current jersey number?
    All jersey numbers will be assigned by the Alliance; jersey number requests are not permitted.
  • Will there be a new website?
    Yes! It is under construction, but for now this mini-site will have regular updates.
  • How can I find out more?
    Follow us on social media (updates forthcoming) and be sure to register when ECNL ID registration opens.

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